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Toward a New Era of a "Hope-Driven Economy" - Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo -
As a result, we now have 2 million more, repeat, two million more, women employed. The rate of female labor participation has hit 67%, an all-time high for Japan, and higher than, say, in the United States. Meanwhile, the number of people over 65 still actively working has also increased by 2 million, thanks to our policies that enable them to keep working.
After each job seeker, you see more than one employer chasing, and that's the same throughout the country, a picture never seen before. Out of every 100 college graduates looking to work, 98 find employment, also a record number.<...
"Germany Faces Three Challenges Of Considerable Importance To Our Future" by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany
Coming back to my own country, to Germany, I can tell you that we still have a strong economy which, however, has been shaped to a very large degree by the industrial age. In our country, the manufacturing sector still produces much of our wealth. And the automotive industry certainly still plays a very important role in this generation of our wealth.
If we look at the revolutionary development in the automotive sector then, of course, we can see there are potential risks: risks in terms of jobs; risks in terms of data management. For example, the question as to who owns data is of c...
Climate Change - Arguably Humanity's Most Existential Challenge - Requires Urgent Global Action by WEB Founder Klaus Schwab
The following are excerpts from three papers - "Globalization 4.0 will help us tackle climate change. Here's how," by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, the World Economic Forum; "Germany faces three challenges of considerable importance to our future," by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel; and "Toward a New Era of Hope-Driven Economy," by Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, - at the 49th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos on 23 January 2019. - Ed.

As the World Economic Forum's Global Risk Report 2019 shows only too clearly, environmental crises - notably a fa...
The 49th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos
World leaders in favor of international cooperation and free trade struck back on January 23 against the wave of populist nationalism that has featured more prominently than usual at the gathering of elites in Davos, Switzerland, according to the AP from Davos, Switzerland.
The leaders of Japan and Germany - countries that have flourished on trade since their devastation under nationalist leaders in World War II - focused on the need for cooperation. It was a not-so-subtle dig at earlier speeches by the populist president of Brazil and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said go...