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Inter-Korean relations
If It Gives Up Its Nuclear Arsenal, Accelerating Its Denuclearization: S. Korea Believes Broader Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Could Show The North a Bright Future
North Korea has conducted no nuclear or missile tests in 2018, and its leader Kim Jong Un sat down for three inter-Korean summits with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and a first-ever summit with U.S. President Donald Trump. 2018 marked the beginning of detente and peace-building on the Korean Peninsula.
A spring on the Peninsula was a dramatic departure from exchanges of insults and threats over North Korea's continued nuclear and missile tests, which drove the United States and North Korea close to the brink of war only last year. A conciliatory mood was rapidly created since Kim exten...
For Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation: A Railway Project Is Key To Laying the Groundwork for S. Korean Pres. Moon's Blueprint
South Korea reaffirmed that it discussed holding a ground-breaking ceremony with North Korea to link cross-border roads and railways by the end of the year. On Nov. 28. 2018, South and North Korea agreed to begin a joint inspection of cross-border railways, which involves the test-operation of trains on North Korean rail tracks, according to the Ministry of Unification (MOU).
"The South and North agreed to start an 18-day joint inspection of the inter-Korean railway by moving about 2,600km along the North Korean section of the railway on November 30," said the ministry.
"The railw...