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All Previous Presidents Have Failed And the System Is a Major Culprit For their Failures”
Constitutional amendment is emerging as a key political issue at a time when Korean politics, while undergoing an upheaval caused by the crisis in the Park Geun-hye presidency, is gearing up for a major political realignment ahead of the presidential election.
All major parties and potential presidential candidates are engaged in the issue in one way or another. Three forums of parliamentarians - one each by the ruling and the main opposition Democratic Party and the third by the Democratic Party and the minor opposition People's Party - have been held.
Calls for amending the basi...
From Interventionism to New Isolationism
The United States has maintained the long traditions of its foreign policy, from interventionism to isolationism. The United States intervened in World War I and II. The country had been greatly worried about its interventions in the wars of the largest scale. Former President Woodrow Wilson was forced to intervene in WWI after a long neutral stance, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt did so in WWII. He did not want to repeat Wilson's "mistakes." He successfully established postwar programs with the whole-hearted support of Congress.
Traditionally, isolationists had, however, oppose...