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The following guideline are to be observed once a subscription, membership or any other service provided by Diplomacy Magazine is availed by the potential subscriber or member. Any product or service offered by Diplomacy is for the strict use of the member or subscriber only and is non-transferable

Definition of Terms

1. The Diplomacy website shall pertain to any field managed by Diplomacy Magazine. in the World Wide Web which may offer free or paid access to information dealing with politics, economics, social and cultural events. This website may or may not contain bulletin boards or discussion forums.


2. At any given time, Diplomacy has the right to change, delete or end any information or service provided on the website. All members or subscribers will be notified of any changes made to products or services. Members/subscribers must review such modifications which were made in the agreement.

Online Message Boards

3. A. The online message boards shall be used according to what is allowed by law. Any messages or images entered on the website which serves as offensive, racist, threat, abuse and contain obscenity, vulgarity, or profanity will serve as a violation of the law and this agreement. Diplomacy shall have the right to remove or eliminate material which will deem harmful or indecent to the general public. Any member or subscriber who violates this agreement under the given circumstances will be denied membership or have his or her account terminated.

No advertisements or any kind of solicitations will be posted on the online message boards without the approval of Diplomacy. Advertisements and solicitations must comply with the rules and regulations set by Diplomacy.

B. The Diplomacy website and/or online message boards contain copyrighted material, trademarks and propriety information, which includes text, images, footages, sound and other site content. The website of Diplomacy is copyrighted under the laws of the Republic of Korea. Diplomacy Magazine owns the copyright of the whole Diplomacy website, also with ownership in the layout, choice, modification, and coordination of each content, as well as in the original content. One may not alter, print, dispatch, sell or produce a revised version of any work found in the Diplomacy website without the permission of Diplomacy Magazine. and the owner of the copyright. In the process of authorized duplication, redistribution or publication of content from the Diplomacy website, no conversion or elimination, change in author, trademark, legend, or copyright notice shall be made. Downloading copyrighted material from Diplomacy does not acquire anyone any rights of ownership. Any text, image, audio, or video featured at the Diplomacy website owned by third parties like the Associated Press or Reuters shall not be re-broadcasted or re-written for broadcast or distributed directly or indirectly to/in any form of media. Only materials to be used to personal and non-commercial use are permitted to be stored by the member or subscriber. No material shall be republished, transmitted, or redistributed without written consent from the author of the original content.

C. One must not upload any copyright or trademark protected material without the permission of the copyright or trademark owner and/or propriety right. Any damages incurring from copyright, trademark or property infringement is to be the responsibility of the member/subscriber.

D. One shall authorize Diplomacy and its affiliates worldwide non-exclusive right and permission to use, reproduce, alter, release, carry out and present any message posted in the website or any email sent by Diplomacy and combine it with other form of works such as media or technology currently known or to be developed later.

E. One must not (i) choose a member name or email address of another person in order to impersonate that person (ii) to use a member name or email address without the authorization of that person (iii) to use a username and violate the intellectual property rights of any person (iv) use an offensive username which Diplomacy considers inappropriate.

F. One shall provide authentic, full and updated personal information when registering to use any products or service at the Diplomacy website.

G. Links to resources, other websites or advertisements may be available at the Diplomacy website. Diplomacy Magazine holds no responsibility in the availability of these other sites nor agrees with the other sites' contents, advertisements, products, or materials provided in these sites. Diplomacy has no direct or indirect responsibility or liability for any damage or loss inflicted to a user with connection to the utilization of any site content, products or services available on those sites. Any concerns to any of these other sites must be addressed to the websites' administrator or webmaster.

H. Each subscriber/member is responsible in acquiring and managing all required equipment needed to access Diplomacy such as telephone, computer hardware and others.

I. The following guidelines indicated in this section are for the advantage of Diplomacy, its affiliates and for those providing and licensing content from a third party.

J. Diplomacy online was ergonomically designed in order to deliver particular content to its users in a defined format and layout. No third party shall have the right to utilize any content of Diplomacy which will interfere with that purpose. Diplomacy discourages unauthorized use of any content from the website without the company's permission.

4. Diplomacy shall have the right to supervise the content entered to the site by members/subscribers to check whether the content complies with the rules written in this agreement. Diplomacy has the right to refusal in the posting of any malicious content and will remove any of these contents which may serve harm to the general public and those which do not comply with the rules in this agreement. Users will be responsible for any information entered in the site which can harm others. Diplomacy and its affiliates will not be held liable for any conducts of a user.

5. Disclaimer A. Using any services or products provided by Diplomacy is at the user's risk. Error-free information is not guaranteed by Diplomacy, its affiliates or any of its employees or third party content contributors. B. Products and services provided at the Diplomacy website is available "as is" or "as available" and does not include warranties of any kind. C. The disclaimers of liability contained in this section apply to any damage or harm resulting from unsuccessful performance, error, deletion, operation delay, computer viruses, failure of communication, theft, or destruction or unauthorized access or under any cause of action. However, Diplomacy will not be held liable for any unlawful or offensive behavior of users or third parties. The user is faced with the risk of injury from the foregoing. D. Diplomacy or any person affiliated with the company involved with creating, producing, or distributing Diplomacy shall be held liable to any damage resulting to the inability to use the Diplomacy website or out of breach of warranty. The guidelines in this section apply to all content at the Diplomacy website. The liability of Diplomacy to users shall not extend the total amount paid to Diplomacy. E. Diplomacy will not endorse and not be held responsible whether an information opinion, advice or statement entered by a user is accurate or reliable, unless information is made by authorized personnel or persons affiliated with Diplomacy. Under circumstances where damage is caused by reliance to any information acquired by the user, Diplomacy will not be held liable. User is responsible for evaluating the information obtained at site. Seeking advice from professionals about evaluating the site content is recommended. F. Products or services offered through Diplomacy is not endorsed, warranted, or guaranteed and will not monitor any transactions taking place between users and third party providers of products and services. Users are asked to take precaution when dealing at any kind of product or service transaction. Products and services available through Diplomacy do not have any kind of warranty.

6. Indemnification All members agree that Diplomacy and its affiliates, chairman, employees, agents will be defended, indemnified and be held harmless against expense claims including legal fees resulting from the use of the Diplomacy website.

7. Termination Diplomacy shall have the right to discontinue this agreement with the knowledge of any member who violates or breaches this agreement. Sections 5, 6, 7, and 8 shall support the termination of this agreement.

8. Trademarks shown on Diplomacy are owned by their respective owners, including Diplomacy.

9. Subscription Services and Products

A. The subscription of a member or user will proceed unless Diplomacy receives a request for account termination. Authorization shall be given to Diplomacy to charge the credit card account given at the time of registration fees according to the subscription plan chosen by the member. Designated fees for services are available at the website or by calling Diplomacy at +82-2-777-3370 . Any charges with connection to Diplomacy including telephone or Internet service charges will be the responsibility of the user. Authentic information should be entered by the user, such as name, email, and credit card account information to be provided at the time of registration. Failure to do so shall result to the violation of this agreement.

B. Changed Terms At any time, Diplomacy shall have the right to change or alter its fees, billing systems, or other terms and conditions which apply to any members' subscription or to lay out a new set of terms or conditions. Any changes made shall be in effect at once. Notices will be posted at the website. Any subscriber may terminate his or her account if he or she deems the changes unacceptable. Continuity of the subscription shall be viewed as an acceptance by the user. Any changes must be reviewed by the user. Additional terms and conditions may be combined in connection with third party content, products or services.

C. Termination

This agreement may be terminated by Diplomacy or any user at any given time. Complaints about the terms of agreement, services, billing methods, amount of fees shall be addressed by sending a notice to Diplomacy, email at diplomacy@diplomacykorea.com or by fax +82-2-773-8862 . Any notice of termination received by Diplomacy will be effective immediately. Diplomacy shall have the right to terminate a member's subscription if a breach of this agreement has been made. Terminated or cancelled accounts are not subjected to any refund. Sections 5, 6, 7, and 10 shall support the termination of this agreement. Advanced payment to any subscription are non-refundable EXCEPT if the subscriber no longer agrees with the modified terms of agreement and requests for account termination (subsection C), then a refund will be made.

Products and services

Users will be notified of all products and services offered at Diplomacy though the website. All information regarding terms of offer, pricing, mode of payment, shipping and handling, sales tax and policies on return and refund and policies on privacy will be provided when a purchase is under process.

10. Miscellaneous

This agreement was made by Diplomacy and its affiliates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.