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- Studied at Maryland University (1957).
- Graduated from Dongguk University(LL.B.1960) and Graduate
   School at Dongguk University (LL.M.1963); Finished the doctorate
   course at Dongguk University Graduate School (1966).
- Received honorary doctorate of law from the Chinese Culture University,
   the Republic of China (LL.D. 1985).
- Lecturer in international law at Dongguk University (1966-'68) and
   Sogang University (1970-'71) (Constitution)
- Editorial writer for the Shin-A Daily Newspaper (1968) and
   the Donghwa News Agency in Seoul (1970)
- Founded DIPLOMACY Magazine (English) as president & publisher (1975-'80)
- Chairman, DIPLOMACY Magazine (1980- )
- Elected member of the 11th Korean National Assembly (1981); Deputy spokesman (1981-82);
   Chairman of the National Unification Committee, Korean National Party (KNP: 1981-85);
   Deputy chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Korean National Assembly; Deputy floor
   leader of the KNP (1982-85); Deputy chairman of the Steering Committee of the Korean National
   Assembly (1982); Chairman of the Human Rights Committee, the KNP;
   Chairman of the Chungnam Province, KNP (1985)
- Vice chairman of the Korean-Turkish Parliamentarians Association (1981)
- President of the Korean Branch of the International Law Association (1982)
- President, the Korea-India Society (1982-)
- IPU Korean delegate (three times, 1983-85)
- Vice chairman of the Korean-Venezuelan Parliamentarians Association (1984)
- World-President, International Law Association (1986-'88)
- Life Vice President, ILA (1988- )
- President of the Korea-India Society (1982- )
- Chairman of the Alumni Association of Dongguk University Law School (1991-95)
- Vice Chairman of Chungchong Province Association in Seoul (1998- )
- Vice Chairman, Dongguk Univ Alumni Association (1999- )
- Chairman, Naju Lim's Association (1998- )
- Professor, Dongguk University (1999- )
Met and had exclusive interviews with more than 250 head of states -- Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers -- including U.S. Presidents Bush and Reagan, USSR President Gorbachev, U.K. Queen Elizabeth II, German Presidents von Weizsacker, Herzog and Chancellor Kohl, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir, Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Chinese (Taiwan) President Lee Teng-hui, Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda, British Prime Minister Thatcher and Sudanese President Al-Bashir, Etc., since 1975.