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The most definite measure for evaluating a magazine is the readership of the magazine. Actively going around the whole world in the past 30 years, Diplomacy has succeeded in securing the most influential top leaders in political, economic and social fields as the core readers.

I have directly met with many world-class leaders and have vividly delivered their thoughts and philosophies through Diplomacy until today. On the other hand, I have always been proud of my having played a big role in the promotion of the warm-hearted friendly relations between their countries and Korea as a civilian diplomat.

Diplomacy is proud that in the past 30 years, it has grown to be a world-class political, economic, cultural, and diplomatic journal- so much so that it has met with over 250 kings, presidents, and prime ministers of many countries. It has become a prominent journal which displays its influences on the world stage both in name and reality.

If you take a look at our “Diplomacy Family”, which has been actively supporting Diplomacy both materially and spiritually, you should be able to come in contact with the worldwide reputation we have accumulated. The members of the Diplomacy Family are comprised of over 400 persons from over 150 countries. They include the top leaders of all spheres of life in the world such as kings, presidents, prime ministers, the secretary-general of the United Nations, the chancellor of the Oxford University, the president of the Yale University, etc. They have been happily participating as advisors, advisory committee members, or editorial committee members. Hence, you will feel that you are meeting the members of yet another United Nations (UN) organization.

Diplomacy has opened up a completely new chapter of history in the world of English-language journalism which is still barren in Korea.

Going beyond the dimension of being a simple monthly, Diplomacy has grown as a journal that greatly contributes to world peace and the advance of the Korean economy into the world.

We had founded the magazine in order to bring into relief the strong
points of the leaders of the world from all walks of life and of each of the countries and to actively help economic cooperation by providing accurate information regarding the present situations of the countries in the world. Our magazine contributes to the national development of each of the countries, to the settling down of peace in Korea and to the peaceful reunification of Korea. Furthermore, we contribute to the creation of world peace. And, in the past 30 years, we have strived on in order to achieve those objectives.

By pulling up the levels of the readers to the levels of the discernment of, and the experience of, the world leaders and by allowing the readers to come in contact with the latest information related to each of the countries, Diplomacy has been a big stepping stone for the entry into the world by Korean corporations.

Next, I will tell you about the effects of advertising in Diplomacy. The number of the people in the world who have the rights to decide on policies is not that big. Diplomacy reaches the core policymakers of many countries in the world. It is a magazine read by the core ministers and heads of the states of these countries. Hence, I can tell you that the effects of the advertisements are fully “megaton-class”.

I hope that you will become a world-class leader and a world-class corporation by maximally utilizing Diplomacy, which is proud of its vividly alive information and great advertising effectiveness.

Diplomacy will ceaselessly advance forward in order to present the bright roads toward globalization and the prosperity of mankind.

I ask for your kind encouragements. Thank you very much.

From Chairman Thok-kyu Limb (Dr.)

July 2004

Our pride! A world-class monthly-